Who are home helpers and caregivers

You belong to the category of home-helpers and caregivers if you work in a domestic environment and help with the running of the household. You are part of this category, for example, if you look after old people or people who are ill, or if you help with the housework.

The National Contract

The jobs of home-helper and caregiver are regulated by a national collective agreement. This means that some important rights of the worker like paid leave, day leave, or the payment of the pension contributions are regulated by this contract and they cannot be ignored. Read the national collective agreement which regulates the work of domestic helpers.

How to employ EU citizens

If you are a EU citizen  and you want to be employed as a home helper or caregiver, you simply have to register with the local Registry Office. If you are not registered yet, you can do it by showing your work contract.

Which residence permits make it possible to be employed:

The residence permits which make it possible for you to obtain a work contract are:
 EU long term residence permit (electronic document) or the old residence card (paper document)
 Residence card for a family member of a European citizen (paper format)
 Residence permit (electronic or paper format) for employees (excluding those permits bearing the words art. 27), self-employment, study (with a work limit of 20 hours a week and a total annual limit of 1040 hours), political asylum, humanitarian reasons, family, assistance to an underage, integration of an underage.

How to employ non EU citizens

Your employer must inform the Employment Center of reference  of your employment, by using the standardised form Lav. The information can be transmitted in three different ways:

 Through the internet: by using the regional information service closer to your place of work, and send the information via the Net, using the UniLAV form;
 By using the paper form ‘Employment Communication’ and sending it by registered mail with return receipt to the competent Employment Centre, which will have to issue a receipt bearing the date of dispatch (registered letter with return receipt)
 By handing personally the form to the Employment Centre, which will issue a receipt bearing the date and time of consignment (informative protocol)

There is no need to send any other communication to the social security institutions or to the Immigration Bureau

Twenty-four hours after sending all the information to the Employment Centre, the employment procedure must be completed by writing the residence contract using Form Q, and filling it in with the State Codes and CCNl Code. The Residence contract must be made only if you have a permit as an employee or if you have a permit for study purposes, vocational training or seasonal work and you want to transform it into a permit for employees. The contract must comply with the regulations established in the Collective Agreement for home workers and caregivers. Later you will simply have to send Form Q signed by yourself and by your employer to the Immigration Bureau in the Prefect’s Office by registered mail with return receipt.

It is very important that when you fill in the registered letter, you write also your name and surname besides those of your employer, because you will have to show the receipt and a copy of the contract to renew the residence permit.