How to employ a non-EU worker resident in Italy

In case of a new residence permit for employment  between the foreign person already legally resident and a new employer that replaces the previous one, the two parties must write down and sign for acceptance the residence contract independently on the special forms and send it by registered mail with recorded delivery to the Immigration Bureau which will send back the stamped receipt on delivery.  
It is very important that the registered letter should include also the name and surname of the worker besides those of the employer, because in order to renew the work permit the receipt and a copy of the contract must be handed over.
Every time a new job is started, even if the new contract adds to the previous one, a new residence contract must be made, according to article 36bis of the Accomplishment Regulations. The employer must inform the Immigration Bureau of any changes in the employment contract which by law must be communicated, according to the rules established by the Ministry of Work for the reporting of compulsory information.


Fonti: Ministero della Sanità - Polizia di Stato