For the second consecutive year, Naples promotes the campaign “I put up a refugee’ (13th May to 1st July), an initiative in favour of asylum seekers, refugees and those enjoying subsidiary protection. The L.E.S.S. onlus association organises a series of seminars, video projections, concerts and the celebration of the Refugee World Day. “The theme of the campaign is the problem of reception in Naples, where more than 1200 applications for asylum were made in 2008, more than twice the figure of the previous year, as Marco Ehlardo of L.E.S.S. explains. As part of our project I.A.R.A. we have given hospitality to 25 people, including families and single people. Furthermore, we provide for 400 humanitarian migrants. They are  a common sight in the streets as they are forced to beg since they are unable to work.” The campaign started on 13th May in Palazzo San Giacomo in Piazza Municipio, with the first of the three seminars on the protection of asylum seekers and refugees. The seminar was attended by the officials responsible for Italian and European reception centres and by doctors committed to protect the victims of torture. On 20th June, on the occasion of the Refugee World Day, a document on the right of asylum in Naples will be presented. The complete programme is available on