To register you must go to the General Registry Office of the Health District and fill in the application forms. Remember to take with you the following documents:
- Residence Permit

- Fiscal Code of all family members or self-certification thereof

- Residence certificate or self-certification (or statement of actual abode)
Registration with the NHS of foreigners holding residence permits issued for different reasons

If your residence permit has been issued for reasons not included in the previous list, you can have access to medical care by registering voluntarily with the National Health Service.

This type of registration lasts until 31st December of the year of registration and requires the payment to the Regione Campania of the following fees to be credited on the post office  current account n. 743807

- Students: € 149, 77
- Au-pairs : € 219,49
- Others: € 387,34 + a percentage of the income of the previous year ( 7,5 % for incomes from € 5164,57 to € 20658,28.  4% for incomes from € 20658,28 to € 51645,69. Over such income no further contributions are to be paid).

Voluntary registration is not possible for residence permits issued for the following reasons: tourism, medical treatments, business.

Registration of children born in Italy and not included in the parent’s residence permit yet

If your child was born in Italy and his/her personal details are not written in your residence permit, you can still register him/her with the NHS assuring your child of medical care. You have to hand over the following documents to the General Registry Office of the Health District:

- Birth Certificate (issued by the Council Office of the town of residence)
- Passport bearing  the child’s date of birth or in alternative and identity statement issued by the diplomats of the parent’s country of origin.

Expiry and Renewal of Registration with the National Health Service

When the residence permit expires, also the registration with NHS comes to an end. If you are waiting to have your residence permit renewed, you have the right to obtain a six-month extension (and after that you can get a three-month extension at a time) 
In order to obtain an extension you must hand in the following documents to the General Registry Office of the Health District connected with your residence: 

- Identity Document in course of validity 
- Original copy of the receipt issued by the Police Headquarters on presentation of the application for renewal together with a copy of the documents

Medical Assistance to foreigners without a regular residence permit

In Italy any foreigner temporarily present in Italy not in conformity with the existing law cannot register with the NHS but has in any case the right to obtain medical treatments in any of the Hospitals’Casualty Departments for emergency treatments or in any of the District walk in centres where he/she resides, or in any of the District  Units which are operative to get those directly accessible medical services (for example, vaccinations, examinations for pregnancy, etc.). If you have not complied with the rules concerning residence permits, you cannot register with the NHS, you can still obtain medical treatments in one of the Hospital Emergency Departments for urgent treatments or in the Surgery of the District of residence or in centres for direct services such as vaccinations, pregnancy medical examinations. If you do not possess a legal residence permit you can still obtain
Outpatient and hospital treatments which are deemed urgent (failing which there could be a risk for the life or health of the person) or necessary (medical services,  including treatments and diagnosis for illnesses which could cause in time major damages to health or risk for life)

- Preventive medical services such as: pregnancy and maternity safeguard (including all the routine medical examination connected to pregnancy, including voluntary interruption of pregnancy), protection of minors, administration of compulsory vaccinations and of those advised in our country, preventive treatment, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

It is forbidden by law for health service workers to inform the police against those people who are not in conformity with the law. Do not hesitate to ask for medical treatments even if you do not hold a residence permit..

After receiving the first treatment, you will be asked to fill in a ‘Statement of Poverty’, a document stating that you do not own economic resources to pay for your treatments. You will be given a personal code for temporarily  resident foreigners which you can use to obtain a Provisional Health Record Book from the General Registry Office of your District of residence. Thank to this book which lasts six months and it is renewable, you can have easier access to medical services in future.

Fonti: Ministero della Sanità - ASL Napoli