Quarters and NHS districts

The Local Health Service Naples 1 (ASL NA 1) provides health assistance to the citizens resident in the city of Naples. In order to cater for all people scattered in the area, the ASL NA 1 is divided into 10 Health Districts, one for each area of the city. Each non-EU citizen can receive medical assistance from the Health District responsible for the area of residence.

Quarters in the City of Naples and corresponding Health Service Districts :

San. Ferdinando, Chiaia, Posillipo – Health District 44
Avvocata, Montecalvario,S.Giuseppe, Porto, Mercato, Pendino – Health District 51
Stella, San Carlo all’Arena – Health District 49
Poggioreale, Zona Industriale San Lorenzo, Vicaria – Health District 53
Vomero, Arenella – Health District 47
Barra, San Giovanni a Teduccio, Ponticelli – Health District 52
Miano, Secondigliano, San Pietro a Patierno – Health District 50
Chiamano, Piscinola-Marianella, Scampia – Health District 48
Soccavo, Pianura – Health District 46
Bagnoli, Fuorigrotta – Health District 45

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