Non-EU workers in Performing arts

For EU-workers belonging to the following categories, the documents required in order to obtain the necessary permit must be delivered to the General Directorate of the Work Market – National Employment Office for Workers in Performing Arts and not to the Immigration Bureau:

 Workers employed in circuses or itinerant shows abroad
 Artists and Technicians working for operas, theatrical performances, concerts and ballets.

 Dancers, artists and musicians who can be employed in entertainment clubs

 Artists who can be employed by Music, Theatre, Film Boards or by private or public radio or television stations, or by public Boards on the occasion of cultural or folklore events.

The permits and the certificates must be sent by the qualified office to the Province of Naples office. In this case, the Immigration Bureau is only responsible for the last phases regarding the execution of the residence contract and the form requesting the residence permit.

Fonti: Ministero dell'Interno - Polizia di Stato