Who are home helpers and caregivers

You belong to the category of home-helpers and caregivers if you work in a domestic environment and help with the running of the household. You are part of this category, for example, if you look after old people or people who are ill, or if you help with the housework.

Which residence permits make it possible to be employed:

The residence permits which make it possible for you to obtain a work contract are:
- EU long term residence permit (electronic document) or the old residence card (paper document)
- Residence card for a family member of a European citizen (paper format)
-Residence permit (electronic or paper format) for employees (excluding those permits bearing the words art. 27), self-employment, study (with a work limit of 20 hours a week and a total annual limit of 1040 hours), political asylum, humanitarian reasons, family, assistance to an underage, integration of an underage.

How and where to obtain the issuing or the renewal of a residence permit:

You can apply for a residence permit to one of the following:

- Aid Societies (See list)
- Immigration Bureau in all Italian Prefect’s Offices.
- Post Office by filling in the form in the Kit

- If you are a EU citizen, you don’t have to apply for a residence permit, but after three months spent in Italy, you have to register with the local registry Office

 How to apply for a residence permit from the Post Office

In all Italian Post Offices  you will find a free yellow kit including some of the documents you will need to apply for a work permit. Fill in the kit, by following the instructions. Besides filling in the form, you have to hand over the following documents:
- Valid Identity document (to be identified by the post clerks) 

- Photocopy of the Identity Document (A4 Format)
- Photocopy of all the other necessary documents (A4 format)

After filling out the forms, you must go to the Friendly Counter in the Post Office to hand over all the documents in an open envelope. If you are applying for a renewal, you must also hand over a copy of the expired residence permit and you must always show your passport. The counter clerk of the Post Office will issue a receipt, which once enclosed to the expired passport, replaces and has the same validity as the present coupon.   How much it costs to obtain a residence permit

If you come from a non-EU country and you apply for a work permit with a validity longer than 90 days, you have to pay  € 27,50 through a postal giro account  form that you can get from the Friendly Counter. Before going to the post office, you will have to buy a revenue stamp from a tobacconist’s costing  € 14,62 euro. An extra € 30 will have to be paid to the post office clerk on handing over the application. The total cost for a residence permit exceeding 90 days if you come from a non-EU country is  € 72.12.

Delivery of the residence permit

The immigration office will send you a registered letter containing the date of the appointment to finalise the application and hand over the electronic residence permit. 

 List of Aid Societies where it is possible to apply for a residence permit:

In order to apply for a residence permit you can choose from the following list the institution nearest to your house. You will be provided with all the information you need regarding the correct documents and procedures to follow to make the application.

Rinnovo del permesso di soggiorno

Se sei già in Italia e il tuo permesso sta per scadere, devi ricordare di presentare la richiesta di rinnovo entro questi tempi:

  • 90 giorni prima della scadenza, per il permesso di soggiorno valido 2 anni
  • 60 giorni prima della scadenza, per il permesso di soggiorno valido 1 anno
  • 30 giorni prima della scadenza, negli altri casi

Validità del permesso di soggiorno

La validità del permesso di soggiorno è la stessa del visto d’ingresso:

  • Fino a sei mesi per lavoro stagionale
  • Fino a nove mesi per lavoro stagionale nei settori che richiedono tale estensione
  • Fino ad un anno, per la frequenza di un corso per studio o formazione professionale ovviamente documentato
  • Fino a due anni per lavoro autonomo, per lavoro subordinato a tempo indeterminato e per ricongiungimenti familiari.

Se sei venuto in Italia per visite, affari, turismo e studio per periodi non superiori ai tre mesi, non hai bisogno di chiedere alcun permesso di soggiorno.

Fonti: Ministero dell'Interno - Polizia di Stato